Sunday, 3 February 2013

Purpose of Technical Praxis

A place to write about issues in the application, adoption and adaptation of the established technologies, especially as it relates to structural and mechanical design, and the associated industrial, manufacturing and construction engineering.

A place to present specific information on the structural design of a variety of structural products encountered by a small structural engineering practice, operating in Adelaide South Australia.

Future issues:
  1. Coldformed Steel Sheds (commercial, industrial, rural)
  2. Carports, Verandahs (hotrolled steel, coldformed steel, timber)
  3. Balustrades (aluminium, timber)
  4. Decking (timber)
  5. Water tanks
  6. Small pressure vessels
with consideration of:
  1. Dimension and Geometry
  2. Design Actions
  3. Design Action Effects
  4. Member Design
  5. Connection Design
For Discussion visit:

Technical Praxis South Australia

Renamed Technical Praxis South Australia to:

Technical Praxis Bridge to The People

with a changed focus as to how technology and the science behind it has an influence on our way of lives.

Louis Napoleon is quoted as saying: 
"New inventions have to remain undiscovered until the common intellect raises to comprehend them".  (or something to that effect)
Unfortunately human knowledge has been sliced and diced, and scattered about a tree of knowledge, then hijacked by elitist professionals and other occupational groups. Within these groups meanings of words have been refined, and analogy and metaphor have displaced original meanings, creating asymmetry of knowledge which is then used to impose legislation to reinforce the barriers. This alienates the people, and raises opposition to new technology. If these barriers cannot be taken down then they at least need bridging.